Aside from appearing in the highly-anticipated, upcoming Disney+ original movie Secret Society of Second-Born Royals, actor Faly Rakotohavana had a guest starring role on Raven’s Home. For those who missed it, the 17-year-old played Miles, and he totally killed it, TBH!

Recently, J-14 got a chance to sit down with the young star and chat about his experience on the fan-favorite Disney Channel series. From working with the rest of the cast to his hilarious character and everything in between, Faly spilled all the tea!

“It was so crazy getting to see these 12 to 13 year old kids being so successful at what they’re doing and seeing the maturity they carry with their jobs,” the star dished when talking about working with the rest of the cast, like Issac Ryan Brown, Navia Robinson, Sky Katz and Jason Maybaum. “They were so professional on set. It was an inspiration watching them work because it really showed me that there are other kids out there, even younger than me, who are pursuing this is crazy passion that some people would just consider to be a dream.

He continued, “Getting to see them work so hard and have such a mature mindset, what they were doing was quite the inspiration to watch.”

Other than talking about the cast, Faly also recalled some seriously amazing behind-the-scene moments from his time on the show’s set.

“There’s one episode that I did called ‘Switch-or-Treat,’ in which my character, Miles, switched bodies with [Nia and Booker’s] aunt It was so funny getting to play this fantastic, energetic woman. It was so crazy. And then the chaotic energy we all carried on, that was just so great,” he remembered. “There’s this one scene where I do a little Broadway dance down the little carnival area where they were having a carnival. And I think just working with Raven-Symoné on that little Broadway dance was definitely, it was a fun moment on set for sure.”

Faly also teased all the other projects that he has in the works, and we’re definitely excited to see what he does next!

“I’ve been working on some stuff that I don’t think I’m allowed to announce yet, but it’s definitely a project that I’m hoping will come to light soon,” he said. “Hopefully, I’m going to have a lot for you guys to see and I’m really excited for you guys to see what I have next.”

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