Now that Jughead Jones’ fate on Riverdale has finally been revealed, fans have their sights (and theories) set on two other characters that have been missing from the last few episodes. Since the show won’t be back until April 8, some viewers have taken this mini-hiatus to crack the case about the Blossom twins and what happened to them. That’s right, some people are concerned because Jason Blossom and Polly Cooper’s babies, Juniper and Dagwood, haven’t been seen since the early episodes of Season 4.

For those who forgot, earlier this season Polly was questioning what she should do with the twins. Thankfully, her cousin and the twins’ aunt, Cheryl Blossom, came to the rescue and said Nana Rose Blossom would love to take care of the kids. Now, it’s been a few episodes and people are worried about what really happened to Juniper and Dagwood.

“Is anyone going to talk about Juniper and Dagwood” one Reddit user wrote. “We haven’t seen them since the start of season four and Cheryl and Toni are meant to be looking after them?”

Fans were quick to respond and speculate about the twins’ whereabouts.

“They’re safe and sound in the cellar, carefully looked after every two weeks by Nana Rose,” one person said. However, another wondered, “And when did we last see Nana Rose? She could be dead down there.”

While no real answers were given, someone else brought up another question.

“I still don’t understand why they’re not living with Alice… their grandmother?” they wrote. As fans know, Alice Cooper was working undercover for The Farm for a good chunk of the season, so it’s quite possible that she wanted to protect her grandkids. Although this has yet to be confirmed by anyone working on Riverdale, it seemed to be the theories that fans all agreed on.

Aside from the location of Juniper and Dagwood, another group of Riverdale viewers are convinced that this season of the show will end with a major time jump. Since Archie and the gang will be finishing up their senior year of high school, some people have wondered if the upcoming fifth season will bring the characters to college. Some fan’s theories suggested that viewers won’t see the kids heading off to college after all.

This entire idea started on February 25, after TVLine reported that “the producers of an established series are toying with the idea of ending the current season with a massive timeline shift.” A source told the publication that time jump being considered is a five year difference.

Naturally, Riverdale fans were shook by this news and took to social media explaining how a time jump would ultimately fit perfectly into the series’ plot line.

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