Fun in the sun! The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2 is in full swing, but the fourth episode, titled “Love Game” — which premiered on Friday, July 21 — offered a more upbeat look at Cousins Beach amid the main characters’ ongoing grief.

Belly (Lola Tung), Conrad (Christopher Briney), Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno), Steven (Sean Kaufman), Skye (Elsie Fisher) and Taylor (Rain Spencer) head to the boardwalk for some fun, games and the Great Boardwalk Showdown, something that was banned from the beach house years ago. However, with Susannah (Rachel Blanchard) gone and the crew in dire need of some fun, Conrad and Belly go head-to-head with their respective teams to see who would have to complete the “punishment.” In the end, Belly and her team loses.

Gavin, for his part, recalled filming the epic episode, telling J-14 exclusively that it was “absolutely” filled with behind-the-scenes moments.

“We had to do some of the challenges and the showdowns so many times, including the punishment,” the actor recalled to J-14. “The Punishment was a blast. We did it probably 20 times.”

After Belly loses the Great Boardwalk Showdown, she has to ride the Tower of Terror — which is exactly how it sounds. Instead of letting her do it alone, Jeremiah joins her on the ride and they hold hands in a sweet moment.

Gavin Recalls Filming TSITP's Boardwalk Showdown ‘Punishment’: '20 Times’
Prime Video

“My fear of those things were immediately taken away that day,” Gavin joked to J-14, noting that he and Lola actually had to get on the ride to film the shot. Brave season!

Things are definitely looking up for Jeremiah this season. Gavin even teased that his character “puts his big boy pants on” this time around.

“[He] has to deal with some tough stuff. I think how he deals with it is a learning process, but, you know, I think he ends up doing pretty well for himself,” the Prime Video star added. “Sometimes it’s the hard stuff that makes you grow up the fastest — sometimes in healthy ways, sometimes not so healthy ways. I think Jeremiah just has to — he grows up a lot and he has to grow up a lot because he’s faced with a lot of tough stuff.”

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