The Harry Styles-inspired movie, After, finally hit theaters on Friday, April 12, 2019, and we’re OBSESSED. But you may be surprised to learn that Hero Fiennes-Tiffin — the actor who plays the dreamy character inspired by the One Direction member — actually doesn’t know anything about the “Sign of the Times” singer or his band!

While speaking to W magazine, he explained, “I completely understand and appreciate the fact that the inspiration was drawn from him in the book, but it’s developed so much from then. So while I don’t know much, if anything, about Harry Styles or One Direction, I know for a fact they’re not similar to the book or the film at all.”

As fans know, the movie originated from a widely popular 1D fanfiction, which was written by Anna Todd on Wattpad. But after it’s huge success (it got over 1.5 billion readers), it was turned into a five-part book series.

After Movie Hardin

Hero plays Hardin Scott in the steamy new flick, and although Hardin is definitely charming (and swoon-worthy, is you ask us!), he’s not exactly the best guy. He can be sarcastic, selfish and pretty rude at times. Plus, he has a ton of anger issues and is pretty known on campus for being the bad boy. So yeah, we definitely don’t think the character is anything like the singer!

“Obviously some of the inspiration came from Anna, but it was already such a wholesome character that was so unrelated to that when I first picked up the script, so I didn’t feel the need to take any more inspiration from anything like Harry Styles or One Direction,” the 21-year-old British actor told the magazine.

Tessa and Hardin After Trailer

He also added that he’s never met the 25-year-old 1D heartthrob and that he doesn’t listen to One Direction’s music either. But Hero did reveal that there is one main similarity between them — and that’s their looks!

“I think the only similarity is that we’re both tall, skinny white guys with dark hair,” he laughed.

Not to mention that they’re both drop dead gorgeous, LOL. If you haven’t seen it already, make sure you go check it out because it’s truly a must-see movie.

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