Is Loren Gray the Hype House‘s newest member? Fans sure do think so!

Although there’s been no official confirmation just yet, some people are seriously convinced that the blonde beauty is joining the TikTok squad. Rumors started swirling online after Loren collaborated with a few of the Hype House members for some videos, including Tayler Holder.

@lorengrayhood baby :p @itstaylerholder @brooketaylorkier @keliannestankus♬ original sound – racksonkriss

When the TikTok Room Instagram account reposted a snap of Loren seemingly hanging out in the Hype House, some fans were not too happy about the possibility of her joining the group.

“Why Loren why? You had your own thing,” one comment read. Another person added, “She’s too good for them.”

A third user wrote, “Oh no not Loren… Please don’t take her too.”

Safe to say there’s some mixed reviews about the possibility of her moving into the content house. But only time will tell if the rumors are true or not.

As fans know, this news came just a few weeks after the remaining Hype House members took over the former Clout House home. That’s right, cofounder of the fan-favorite squad, Thomas Petrou, took to his Instagram Stories and gave his one million followers a look inside the influencers’ extravagant new house.

In a clip that was screenrecorded by fans and reposted to the TikTok Room Instagram account, followers could see the glass paneled house, which was originally made popular by Clout House digital creators like FaZe Clan, Ricegum and Sommer Ray.

Naturally, some fans were curious as to why they to change homes in the first place. According to screenshots obtained by TikTok Room, Hype House member Ryland Storms replied to a fan that asked why they moved.

“Needed more space and something new,” he wrote back. He then added, “There might be a few more new members coming soon too.”

Looks like there are some bedrooms open if Loren decides to join!

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