YouTube star James Charles has issued an apology days after Tyler Oakley called him, and other influencers, out for attending a party to celebrate Larri Merritt‘s — otherwise known as Larray — birthday amid the current coronavirus pandemic, despite California’s recommendation that residents avoid prolonged, unmasked contact with those outside of their homes.

In his most recent upload, which chronicled a day in his life, the 21-year-old talked about attending the party, but decided to cut the footage out of the final video.

“Even though I have been wearing a mask in public and have tested negative multiple times, going to a party during a pandemic was a selfish [and] stupid decision. People’s safety and keeping COVID-19 contained is FAR more important than celebrating a friend’s birthday and unsafe partying is not something I want to promote to my audience,” James explained during the 21-minute video. “I recognize that with my platform comes responsibility, and I encourage you guys to be smarter than I was — wear your mask and continue to social distance.”

James Charles Apologizes After Tyler Oakley Called Him Out For Attending A Party Amid Coronavirus

The World Health Organization has reported that more than 16,450,000 people have contracted coronavirus so far. For those who missed it, medical professionals have called for “social distancing” to prevent further spreading of the illness, which is defined as “trying to keep yourself away from other people, especially large crowds.” Because of this many events, concerts, award shows, conventions and festivals have been canceled. People are urged to stay indoors, avoid public places and isolate themselves during this time. The virus has resulted in more than 653,000 deaths and has infected people in 215 countries.

For those who missed it, on Wednesday, July 22, Tyler posted, “If your favorite influencers are at huge house parties during a pandemic (and are dumb enough to post it on social media)… They are bad influences. Unfollow them.”

In a second tweet, he tagged the internet stars who seemed to be at the event, which included James, Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, Nikita Dragun and Tana Mongeau (who has since issued her own apology for partying during the coronavirus pandemic).

Upon seeing his tweet, Larray himself responded to Tyler, and apologized.

“I understand 100 percent where [you’re] coming from [and] it was a dumb thing to do. I will do better [and] will actually take this s**t seriously. Appreciate you, Tyler much love,” the newly 22-year-old wrote.

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