Looking back on love. JoJo Siwa reflected on experiencing true romance for the first time before calling it quits with Kylie Prew last month.

“Being on Dancing With the Stars is the only thing that has gotten me through these last few weeks,” the 18-year-old internet personality told J-14 exclusively on Tuesday, November 2, while promoting her Peacock series Siwas Dance Pop Revolution. “I, obviously, fell in love for the first time this year. Ky, I mean, I love her so much and I hate cheesy sayings. I said it once and I’ll say it again, but right person, wrong time is a real thing.”

Us Weekly broke the news of JoJo and Kylie’s split on October 20. Despite their breakup, the Dance Moms alum says that the Florida teen is still “so supportive of everything I do.”

“I would take a bullet for her. But, you know, it just wasn’t right for us to be in a relationship together anymore,” JoJo explained to J-14. “But being on Dancing With the Stars and being in rehearsals with [dance partner] Jenna [Johnson] — like, the amount of rehearsals that we would do, where I would get there and we wouldn’t talk about anything, we’d just dance.”

While she’s played coy about their split since it happened, JoJo decided that she was finally “OK with talking openly about what I’ve been through for the last few weeks.” The “Boomerang” songstress also credited her DWTS partner for helping her cope with her emotions amid the breakup.

“Jenna was one of the first people that I told that Ky and I had actually broken up, broken up,” JoJo recalled. “She drove me home, cause we live very close to each other, and she plays this song by Adele. It’s called, ‘All I Ask.’ And that song is so relatable to how our relationship ended.”

Aside from her dance partner, JoJo’s family has also been by her side during this difficult time. She and mom Jessalynn Siwa “are a team and we have always been, and we will always be.” That’s why they decided to work together on Siwas Dance Pop Revolution. The reality series follows the mother-daughter duo as they work together to create the ultimate pop group.

JoJo Siwa Reflects on Falling in Love ‘for the 1st Time’ Amid Kylie Prew Breakup

While Jessalynn and JoJo love each other, there were definitely some ups and downs along the way, most notably when there was an “elimination on the show and we didn’t agree.”

“Ultimately, I had to make a final decision and when I had to go with what I wanted, I just had to say, ‘Please, don’t be mad at me. Just tell me you’re not going to be mad at me.’ You know? Cause I just want to get along and I just want our house to be happy,” Jessalynn told J-14, noting that JoJo “never” got mad at her.

That being said, the best part of filming the competition series was that they got to bond while “on set every day for, like, 10 hours and driving to work together.”

“The best part for me, is selfishly just spending so much time with JoJo, because JoJo’s busy and I don’t get to see her a lot,” Jessalynn shared. JoJo added, “It was like bonding time.”

The first three episodes of Siwas Dance Pop Revolution premieres via Peacock on Thursday, November 4, with new episodes dropping weekly. 

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