You may know her as TikTok star Kelianne Stankus, but now, she’s just Kelianne. The internet personality, 25, officially kicked off her solo music career with the release of her debut single, “Boys,” on Friday, January 14.

“I think the title just says it all,” Kelianne joked to J-14 exclusively when sharing the inspiration behind the song. “Boys can kind of make you crazy. Sometimes all you can think about is boys. I think it’s a fun song that anyone can sing. Anyone can relate to it, boys and girls. So, I think, it’s just a really fun song to sing.”

Before releasing her first-ever single, the budding songstress always had an interest in the music industry.

“I’ve always loved music. It’s always been a part of my life. I grew up with my dad, he really inspired me to do music because he’s so musical,” Kelianne explained. “He can pick up any instrument and just know how to play it. It’s crazy. He’s never picked it up in his life and he just knows how to play it because he can just do it all by ear. It’s really crazy. … He’s really inspired me to do music just because I grew up around it.”

Kelianne Launches Solo Music Carpet With 'Fun' Single 'Boys,' Revelas Chase Mattson Wedding Details
Joyce Charat

She continued, “I knew that I always wanted to do music, but timing is everything and I think right now is the perfect timing.”

Kelianne’s music career comes following her brief stint in the TikTok Hype House. Although she didn’t have an appearance on the Hype House reality show, the influencer said that she is “so glad” for her time as member of the content house and “made a lot of great friendships” during her time there. And, yes, she’s started watching the Netflix show.

“I’ve watched the first two episodes, and so far, so good,” Kelianne said. “It’s funny to see your friends on a TV show and I’m like, ‘Oh, I know you in real life.'”

Aside from her TikTok and music careers, Kelianne is also working on the finishing touches of her upcoming wedding to Chase Mattson. The couple met in April 2020 after Kelianne slid into Chase’s DMs on Instagram and by December of that year, they were engaged.

“I’m so excited for my wedding. I’m still going back and forth, like, how much I want to post about it and how much I don’t wanna post about it,” the internet star said. “I want to keep certain things private, but I know that I we’re making a wedding video. So, stay tuned for our wedding video.”

When it comes to her color scheme, Kelianne is “keeping everything very neutral and very elegant.” Her color scheme includes “black, white, champagne and green — very natural, very elegant.”

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