New Zealand-based band Drax Project just dropped the music video for their song “Woke Up Late” featuring Hailee Steinfeld, and something tells us you’ll recognize a very familiar face. Why? Because the band recruited none other than YouTube star Liza Koshy as the video’s leading lady!

If you haven’t seen it yet, we seriously can’t figure out what you’re waiting for. We mean, the song itself is a bop, but watching the YouTuber quite literally bop around town and dance while doing it is a real treat. And it turns out, working with the internet sensation was just as pleasant as it seems in the vid!

“She walked into the rehearsal studio the day before the shoot and immediately lifted the vibe of the room,” the band told J-14. “She’s very special. We couldn’t stop smiling around her!” How sweet is that?

So how did this collab even come about? Well, like us, the band’s been a fan of the 23-year-old for quite some time, and apparently, she was on their list of people they wanted to star in the video.

“We came up with a dream list of people to be in the video, Liza was on there and our team managed to pull it off!” they revealed. How cool!

Apparently, this was a long time coming for the band, who used to watch her videos with children at a kids’ program they volunteered at. But even though they’re huge fans of her videos, the band revealed they’re not sure if the feeling was mutual before getting the opportunity to film the music video together.

“Ben and Shaan used to volunteer at a ‘reading for kids’ program and the kids would show them her videos — after doing some reading of course. Not sure if she was a fan beforehand but we hope she is now!”

After watching the “Woke Up Late” video for ourselves, we’re confident Liza considers herself a Drax Project fan — especially since it sounds like they created some amazing memories on set.

“The whole day was the best memory. It was the first time we had done a video on that scale and having the police escort the bus around L.A. while Shaan was chasing it on the bike was unbelievable!”

TBH, that must’ve been a really wild adventure, and the band even learned a previously unknown fact about the YouTube star while filming as well. So what did they learn? Apparently, she can do an epic New Zealand accent!

Liza, if you’re reading this, PLEASE do your accent in a future YouTube video. We think we can speak for all of us when we say it’s something we simply need to hear for ourselves. In the meantime, though, we’ll just be watching Drax Project’s music video on repeat because it’s that good.

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