It’s safe to say that every Nickelodeon show had a nerd in it — and fans were totally here for it!

Josh Nichols (played by Josh Peck) in Drake & Josh wasn’t exactly the coolest kid in school. As much as viewers loved his constant joked, he definitely had his awkward moment.

Ned Bigby from Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide is another example of nerdy guys from our childhood. And, of course, who can forget all the middle school tips and tricks he taught back in the day. Thankfully, actor Devon Werkheiser is taking to TikTok and giving fans some pretty epic advice about adulthood.

“Well, yeah, I’m an adult now. So, fans of the show, they’ve been reaching out. They’ve been saying, ‘Where’s Ned for adulthood?’ They’re saying, ‘I need tips for adulthood because I don’t know what I’m doing,'” Devon said in the video uploaded in January 2021. “And I get it. Life is hard. So, I thought about it, and I came up with something good.”

He continued, “So if you apply this, this will make your whole life better. The number one tip for surviving adulthood is … ” and then dropped his phone on the ground. Don’t worry, Nickelodeon fans, he has made more videos since then, and continues to serve up all the comedy. “Wow, TikTok. You guys are amazing. It warms my heart to read all these comments and get all these Ned’s Declassified love,” the former child star shared in a second video.

Over the years, Nickelodeon characters like Josh and Ned have proved time and time again that there’s nothing wrong with embracing your quirks. Now, some of these former child stars are all grown up and have experienced a major glow-up.

Jerry Trainor, for example, reprised his role as Spencer Shay for the iCarly reboot in 2021. While he looked the same, it was clear that the actor had totally grown into himself.

“I feel young. I feel ageless,” he told Page Six in June 2021 about stepping back into Spencer’s shoes again. “I feel like I am stepping back into comfy shoes. I love multi-cam. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do.”

At the time, the actor also joked, “And you know, I say ‘damn it’ in the trailer, which had everyone in a tizzy, but you know we’re grown-ups.”

Scroll through our gallery to see which other former Nickelodeon stars had a major transformation over the years. 

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