Celebrate the end of February 2021 with an epic playlist of all our favorite songs over the past month!

From Lil Huddy to PRETTYMUCH so many talented musicians dropped pretty epic tracks recently, and we’re still obsessed. Nessa Barrett even teamed up with BFF Jaden Hossler for the track “La Di Die,” and it’s seriously so good!

Talking with Radio.com, the TikTok star-turned musician remembered teaming up with her friend as “kind of that moment, where like you haven’t really realized how good of a song it was and like the potential that it had … so we all listened to it and we were like ‘this will be cool!’” When it came to using Jaden as a collaboartor, Nessa said, “He is like one of my best friends, he is in that vibe … and like we always go to the same studio together.”

There’s so much to more discover on this New Music Friday. Scroll through our gallery to check out the full February 2021 playlist, and come back next month for even more new releases. 

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