Celebrity guys love dogs! Whether it’s their own pet or someone else pooch, tons of stars have posed for swoon-worthy pics with pups.

Charles Melton, for one, can’t stop gushing over his dog, Neya.

“I’d been thinking about adopting a dog for a while — but more seriously this past year. I’ve never adopted a dog before. I did have a family dog growing up, a Jack Russell terrier,” the Riverdale star told Cosmopolitan in July 2020. “But this was probably a week before quarantine, I partnered up with Purina One, I was then connected to Hollywood Huskies where Neya was fostered. I met Neya, and honestly, this sounds so cliché, but honestly, it felt like a match made in heaven. We’ve been inseparable since.”

He added, “Now I have my best friend. My child. I talk to her like a human, by the way. I’m like, ‘Hey, babe.'”

Since adopting the pup, Charles has posted tons of photos with Neya on social media. They’ve also been photographed at the dog park together.

“It’s interesting because I start to ask myself, am I becoming more like her or is she becoming more like me?” the actor gushed over his pet. “We’re two mirrors looking at each other. Who’s who? She’s very sweet. She’s shy. She’s timid. She’s very cautious but very confident. She’s very pure. She always puts her hand on me at the right time. Maybe I’ll be feeling a little sad or whatever, and she’s always there to give me a kiss on the face and cheer me up.”

Charles continued, “With her, she grounds me in so many different ways. I don’t want to raise my voice with her. I use a lot of positive reinforcement. I’m working on my breathing with her. She’s 8 months right now, kind of like a teenager, so she’s challenging me. But she’s so sweet.”

Of course, Shawn Mendes also adopted a dog, named Tarzan, with ex-girlfriend Camila Cabello. They even created an Instagram account for the pooch.

“Even though I am a big boy I like when my Papa carries me,” the Tarzan the Dog account wrote alongside a photo of Shawn. “I love my Papa, he feeds me walks me and even picks up my poop. I wonder what he does with it.”

Tons of celebrity cuties have shown off their love for dogs over the years. Scroll through our gallery to see the pics. 

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