We won’t even ask if you remember Shawn MendesCalvin Klein underwear ad because let’s be real: We all do. And ever since, diehard fans of the “In My Blood” crooner have been desperate to know whether or not he’ll be featured in more of the company’s advertisements in the future. Well, the heartthrob just revealed that it’s very possible, and now we’re breaking out in a full body sweat just thinking about it.

Yup! The 20-year-old answered some questions on Capital Breakfast With Roman Kempand one fan wanted to know whether or not the “Lost in Japan” singer would do another underwear ad for the brand, or if he’d consider taking on a new role in Magic Mike. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like that’s a movie role Shawn’s particularly interested in, but some additional pics of him wearing nothing but tighty whities might be a possibility. And yes, we’re totally freaking out.

“I will not do Magic Mike, but there might be [another Calvin Klein ad]!” he said. “We’ll have to see.”

Shawn Mendes Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein

OK, so he didn’t exactly confirm that it’s definitely happening, but the fact that he’s so open to doing it again is enough for us. And in the meantime, we can just stare at the ads he’s already done because, well, hubba hubba.

Honestly, the more we look at the photo, the more we’d love to see the Grammy-nominated artist star in a Magic Mike film. Sadly, we can just leave that dream to die because Shawn’s so not down for it. In fact, he thinks it would probably destroy his entire career.

When Roman suggested that the flick would be a good career move for him, Shawn responded, “No, it wouldn’t be. Then I’d have no music career.” LOL.

While we have to respectfully disagree with that, we’ll be happy as long as we get some new Calvin Klein shots. Your move, Shawn! We’ll be here… waiting.

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