With its viral trends and seriously amazing dance routines, TikTok has taken over the internet. The video streaming app has something for everyone, but there’s a few creators that have taken their TikTok fame to a whole other level and go above and beyond the rest to make their content more popular than every other user.

Wondering, which creators broke the top 10 on TikTok? Well, no worries, because J-14 has you covered with a complete list of the biggest names on the app and everything you need to know about them. Get this, guys, there’s even a few familiar faces at the top of the list. That’s right, Charli D’Amelio and Dixie D’Amelio, Loren Gray and Addison Rae are only a few of the most followed stars that cracked the top 10. With millions of followers between them, there’s no doubt that these influencers are better than the rest!

Scroll through our gallery to meet TikTok’s top ten most followed users.

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