Vegan celebrities are popping up more and more nowadays. All the food on their Instagram feeds looks delicious AF, but what does a vegan meal have inside? Let's break it down and find out which of our favorite celebs are actually vegans.

First off, living a vegan lifestyle means to stay away from any animal products. That means no honey, no eggs, and no milk, among many other things. And, of course, vegans don't eat meat. Vegetarians also don't eat meat, but they typically do eat milk, eggs, and other animal products. If you're wondering how vegans get important nutrients, like protein and calcium, look no further than the produce aisle! Different veggies, nuts, fruits, and grains have all the things humans need to be healthy.

So many celebrities have decided to adopt the vegan life for themselves. Each person chooses veganism for a different reason, but all these celebrities must have done a bunch of research beforehand. From YouTube stars to actors, these celebrities have made a major life change. Find out how they made the switch below!

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