Updated: Apr 20, 2016 10:47 am

AWWNash Confirms Dating Rumors

Nash Grier and Taylor Giavasis made a great effort to keep their relationship private, but fans knew they were dating. Although they appeared in each other's Snapchat stories and amateur photographers captured them...
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Apr 19, 2016 3:20 pm

</3Scooter's Wife Lost Child

Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun has the tricky task of acting like a dad to his musical acts, and also being a dad to his son with Yael Cohen Braun, Jagger. He's obviously...
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Updated: Apr 19, 2016 9:47 am

OH NOIs Rihanna Upset With Jay Z?

Rihanna decided to make her latest Album ANTI available for free on Jay Z’s music streaming site Tidal. But Rihanna’s former publicist has revealed that the singer is upset with Jay Z due...
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Updated: Apr 3, 2018 11:02 am

AWWSam Gets Married

Major congratulations are in order because Sam Tsui got married over the weekend. The 26-year-old singer came out in a YouTube video on Friday, announcing his engagement to Casey Breves, another singer. Then,...
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Apr 18, 2016 3:00 pm

ALL GROWN UPCelebs Who Are 13

Turning 13 years old is a big deal. After all, it's when you officially become a teenager. That's a huge milestone! Obviously, we have 13 on the brain because it's Sophia Grace's birthday!...
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Updated: Apr 18, 2016 9:54 am

AWWWDove Talks About How Ryan Proposed

Dove Cameron has publicly spoken out about her engagement and now has given details about how Ryan McCartan popped the question, how he got her family’s permission, and when they plan on making...
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Apr 16, 2016 10:15 am

AWESOMEDemi Previews A Brand New Song

It’s no shock to anyone that Demi Lovato’s voice is just beyond amazing. Whenever she belts out a note, she can’t help but slay whatever song is being performed. This time it’s no...
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Apr 15, 2016 5:50 pm

EXCLUSIVEAJ Lehrman Talks New Music

AJ Lehrman may be young, but this musician has accomplished quite a lot for his age. At only 17-years-old, AJ has spent the past year touring the world. He's opened for S Club...
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Updated: Apr 15, 2016 4:01 pm


If you have any doubts that Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are madly in love, look no further. The photos from their shoot with Vogue depicted the couple on a romantic Italian excursion,...
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