Miss moving on! Nessa Barrett seems to have a new boyfriend following her relationship with Jaden Hossler. While the “I Hope Ur Miserable Until Ur Dead” songstress hasn’t spoken publicly about her rumored new romance, she’s posted some pretty telling photos in November 2022 hinting at a budding relationship with Harley Solomon.

Keep reading for more details on her rumored boyfriend.

Are Nessa Barrett and Harley Solomon Dating?

Eagle-eyed fans started to speculate that Nessa had a new beau after she posted an Instagram Stories post in November 2022 with a man’s arm holding on to her waist. “Prom,” she captioned the photo, with his face out of the picture. Her social media followers started to put the pieces together after Harley shared an Instagram Stories post of his own, which featured Nessa’s nails.

Nearly a week after the first glimpse of Harley on her social media, Nessa posted a series of pictures, one of which included the internet star carrying her. She tagged Harley in the photo.

Does Nessa Barrett Have a New Boyfriend? Clues She's Dating Harley Solomon
Nessa Barrett/ Instagram

“Seeing you happy is the best thing ever,” one fan commented. Another added, “THE SECOND PHOTO. Always be happy my love.”

Harley, for his part, has also hinted at their romance via his own Instagram Stories. A fan account reposted a photo he shared in which Nessa was resting her head on his shoulder.

Who Is Harley Solomon?

Just like Nessa, he’s an internet star who has since racked up thousands of followers on Instagram. It appears he has some pretty notable friends, including former Hype House member Ryland Storms.

Nessa Barrett’s Dating History

The New Jersey native has made major headlines with her dating history. Amid her whirlwind rise to fame, Nessa was romantically linked to Josh Richards. They went public in January 2020 and announced their breakup in June of that year. However, the former flames stayed close, often sparking reconciliation rumors.

Then, in March 2021, Nessa was spotted with Jaden — Josh’s former best friend — whom she dated until April 2022.

“Last month we broke up to take time to focus on our own careers & mental health,” they shared in a joint Instagram statement in May 2022. “Pease don’t send hate or make assumptions. we would like to heal privately and hope you all can respect that. We love you all so much.”

Months after their split, Nessa reflected on her past relationships with both Josh and Jaden on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast in October 2022.

“I just didn’t want to really talk about the situation because I was, kind of, embarrassed, but also very angry at the way everything played out,” she admitted, referring to the drama surrounding her love life. “It was just something that made me really upset because at the time. I just thought that I was doing something that would make me happy, but then I had the whole world calling me a slut and telling me that I’m a backstabbing bitch and all this stuff.”

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