Fast friends! Charli D’Amelio gushed to J-14 exclusively about how the “heartwarming” friendship between her sister, Dixie D’Amelio, and boyfriend Landon Barker — whom she’s been dating since 2022 — will be showcased during The D’Amelio Show season 3.

“One of my favorite parts about what’s to come is the relationship between me, Dixie and Landon, and how we all are together,” Charli gushed to J-14 at the Tamagotchi Uni launch event in New York City on Tuesday, June 27. “I look back and at some of the clips and I just think it’s so funny and so heartwarming to see how close they are.”

The former internet personality reveled that fans will also get to see behind-the-scenes moments from her 2023 Kids’ Choice Awards hosting gig during the third season of the Hulu show, which was a “cool” experience for the young star.

Charli D’Amelio Says It Was ‘Amazing’ Working With Tamagotchi in Japan
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“To have that documented was just such a moment for me to sit back and appreciate what I’m doing from an outside perspective,” Charli explained.

Now that the family has found their stride in the reality TV space — The D’Amelio Show first premiered in September 2021 — Charli explained that only “bits and pieces” of their lives are off limits to viewers.

“The cameras aren’t always on so there are going to be things that happen that maybe it’s good or bad just events in your life,” she shared. “But I can’t think of anything that I’m completely off limits [and] don’t talk about. Because you know if there’s something’s going on, they’re gonna hear about it, and that’s the whole point.”

Over the course of the show’s three seasons on the air, the family went from a docuseries-type format, showcasing what it’s like to be a famous social media family, to more of a reality show format. The first season focused mainly on how Charli and Dixie handle the scrutiny of the public eye. In terms of the hate she receives online, Charli told J-14 how she’s learned to cope with people that “question your character” online.

“You really have to sit back and think to yourself, and understand and be confident enough that you know you’re a good person and you know who you are,” Charli shared. “You can’t always just let the people that have no idea, never had a conversation with you, say, well this is your character.”

Looking back at the beginning of her fame to now, the reality star joked that she would tell her younger self to “calm down” above everything else.

“I was so stressed for such a long time just about what everyone was saying, and everything’s gonna work out,” she said. “If you zone out for a second and your face looks, like, mad, when people say you’re a horrible person, it’s not gonna change the trajectory of your life. It’s gonna be OK.”

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