OK, David Dobrik and Liza Koshy shippers! You can officially relax now. The Vlog Squad founder just spilled all the tea on what his relationship is currently like with his ex, and we don’t think we’ve ever seen such a supportive ex-boyfriend in our whole lives!

“I just saw her the other day, he revealed to J-14 exclusively.  “It’s like we’re just friends. I don’t know. We’re like really, really close friends. Best friends, I guess. That’s the best way to put it.”

And while friendships between exes tend to get a little, well, uncomfortable, the 22-year-old insists that they still get along great and that they’re both truly happy.

“It hasn’t gotten awkward yet, which is great,” he said. “I feel like relationships with exes could get weird, but hasn’t happened yet, so we’re both truly happy.” Aww!

These days, David just sits back and watches Liza shine. After all, she’s involved in so many awesome projects, so we totally understand why he would be proud.

“She’s the best and she’s doing so much,” he continued. “And obviously I think you guys know how great she is. It’s fun to watch her do stuff.” We seriously couldn’t agree more!

And just because they’re not dating anymore, that doesn’t mean David doesn’t look back fondly at their relationship. In fact, he gave J-14 the scoop about the most romantic thing he’s ever done for Liza, and guys, it’s GOOD.

“When Liza and I had our first kiss, it was on like the rooftop of this house,” he revealed. “And she kept a pebble from the rooftop just to like remember that moment, and then I kind of took it from her and I told her I lost it. Three months later, on Valentine’s Day, I gave her a ring and I told her that the rock on the ring was the actual pebble. I got to take it to the jeweler and he like really killed it and he made it look incredible. That was like my favorite gift I’ve ever given. She liked it. I hope she still has it. Maybe she lost it.” Are you listening, men? Because now would be the time to take notes.

On a serious note, we’re kind of shook. We mean, who knew the YouTube star was such a romantic? And even though they’re not together, we’re still so happy that David and Liza are still friends. They’re proof that not all relationships have to end badly, and we seriously love them for that.

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