Ever since Drake & Josh premiered on Nickelodeon, fans have been obsessed with the hilarious dynamic between Drake Bell and Josh Peck. The fan-favorite series aired its first episode on January 11, 2004 and came to its bittersweet end on September 16, 2007, after four seasons and 57 episodes.

The show followed the story of two teens named Drake and Josh who couldn’t be more opposite. When Drake’s mom marries Josh’s dad, they become brothers — and so the iconic line, “Hug me, brotha” was born. While Josh became known for his nerdy tendencies and love of science, Drake was more of a womanizer who introduced a new girlfriend to his family in every episode. In fact, a lot of pretty famous faces, like Vanessa Hudgens, Lucy Hale, Dianna Agron and more made appearances as one of his love interests.

“I loved it, and it was a great time,” Drake said during a February 2019 interview with HollywoodLife. “Yeah, I was going through my adolescence and my teen years and, obviously, there were times on the show when I was dealing with everything that a teenager deals with, and yeah, it was kind of difficult to get up early in the morning and have the responsibility of an entire cast and crew, and everybody … there were our ups and downs about it, but man, I’d go back in a second. There was something special about the show. I am in touch with everybody on the show!”

Josh, for his part, told ComicBook.com in August 2021 that he doesn’t find himself thinking of a Drake & Josh reboot.

“Not really, no. I never think about it in that way. I think there’s certain shows that have done it really well, like Fuller House, which I was lucky enough to do a few episodes of. And I think what really worked for them was that it wasn’t really about the uncles so much anymore. It was about DJ and Stephanie and Kimmy. They were really lucky because they were important characters from the original who then were able to make it their own in the reboot,” the actor explained. “So, I think if you’re going to do it, I think you have to do it like that, and have just a really strong idea and not just do it because it was once great.”

Reboot or not, we love bringing on all the Drake & Josh nostalgia! Take a walk down memory lane to look back at all of Drake and Josh’s onscreen girlfriends and find out what they’re up to now. Scroll through our gallery to find out!

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