On November 30, 2018, Ariana Grande dropped the iconic music video for her hit single “Thank U, Next,” and the internet went absolutely wild. Not only were fans completely obsessed with the song, but they were also shook by the amount of celebrity cameos in the music video, including Troye SivanColleen Ballinger, and of course, Gabi DeMartino. Now, Gabi opened up to J-14 about what working with the pop star was like, and TBH, it sounds awesome.

“She is seriously so cool and she made me feel less anxious and was overall super supportive, friendly, and comforting,” the YouTuber said.

As most fans of the 23-year-old internet personality know, she has come under a lot of harsh criticism over the years for trying to be exactly like the “7 Rings” singer, so it’s understandable why she was anxious to be in her music video. To refresh your memory, the two got into some intense Twitter beef in July 2018 after Gabi uploaded a video of herself doing an impression of Ari.

Clearly, the two settled their differences (or their similarities, in this case), and Gabi was able to form a new opinion about the 25-year-old after meeting her on the set of her video. So what’s her new impression of the global superstar?

“She is drop dead gorgeous and a goof ball,” Gabi said.

Unfortunately, though, even after settling their minor feud and working together on one of Ari’s biggest projects to date, Gabi revealed that she still gets accused of trying to be like the “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored” songstress. And honestly, some people have hated on her even more since the video dropped.

“There’s still those people who were triggered by it and made em go crazier lol. But … whatever.”

Luckily, the internet star doesn’t really care about the Ariana comparisons anymore. Why? Because she and Ariana have taken their friendship to a whole new level during the video shoot.

That’s right! When we asked about her all-time favorite memory from working on the “Thank U, Next” video, Gabi said, “Sharing a deep convo with queen.”

We don’t know about you, but we’re so here for this friendship.

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