Could there be a High School Musical: The Musical: The Series spinoff show in the works? After four seasons on Disney+, the fan-favorite series will come to an end in August 2023, and now showrunner Tim Federle is divulging details about how the East High story could continue.

Keep reading for all the details about a possible High School Musical: The Musical: The Series spinoff. 

Is There a ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ Spinoff Show?

Disney+ has yet to reveal any spinoff in the works just yet. However, fans are hopeful.

“Never say never,” Tim told Screen Rant in August 2023, noting that the entire HSMTMTS team is “really focused” on the fourth season first and foremost.

“I want season 4 to be our biggest season ever. I want this cast to feel celebrated,” he added, recalling a conversation with the former President of Disney Channel Gary Marsh.

“Gary said to me, ‘We tried to reboot High School Musical for 10 years, and we couldn’t figure it out.’ I feel very lucky that I apparently had a take that worked, but who knows what’s going to happen in 5 years? 10 years? College?” Tim gushed. “There are a lot of different places we could take these characters, but for now, they’re definitely graduating from high school, and I hope the audience tunes in and graduates with us.”

Why Did ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ Come to an End?

When the show premiered in 2019, fans were introduced to a new crop of East High Wildcats. Now, this group of musical theater stars is gearing up to graduate from high school and move on. Tim noted there are “many reasons” that they decided to wrap it up after four seasons.

'Never Say Never'! 'HSMTMTS' Showrunner Weighs In on Possible Spinoff
Disney/ Fred Hayes

“I have multiple showrunner friends whose shows end on a cliffhanger, and they don’t get renewed, and the fans are upset, and the cast is upset,” he explained in the same Screen Rant interview. “I really felt like, as a tribute to Disney and the fans and this incredible cast and crew, that we ought to go out on our terms.”

As for the cast, they told J-14 exclusively in our September 2023 issue where they think their characters would be in ten years.

“Kourtney would most definitely be highly influential and very successful! She would have a few businesses up her sleeve, plus a reality show or two, and maybe a lil’ boo thang … if that could fit into her schedule!” Dara Reneé, who plays Kourtney, joked. Frankie Rodriguez said his character, Carlos, would “be in a one-man show on Broadway.” Julia Lester said that her character, Ashlyn, would also continue on in her Broadway dreams.

As for Sofia Wylie, she said that Gina “would either be the CEO of a huge corporation, a movie star, or a touring choreographer.” The actress added, “She has so many passions and she’s so ambitious. I think she could do anything she wanted.”

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