Super Bowl Sunday is truly a day that brings people together, and that’s apparently true for YouTube stars Jake Paul and Erika Costell, too.

The former couple raised eyebrows when they were spotted at the Super Bowl together on Sunday, February 3, and now fans everywhere are dying to know if the old flames are back together again. Honestly, we’re not so sure, but what we are sure about is that YouTuber Keemstar is wondering the exact same thing.

When Keemstar caught wind of the fact that the friendly exes attended the big game together, he tweeted, “D–n @erikacostell & @jakepaul back together too? Both at the Super Bowl!”

Inevitably, people wanted more answers. Still, the general consensus was that the two went to the event together to get attention. SHOCKER!

One person tweeted, “I smell fake drama for views,” with another person adding, “Jake is struggling for views, needs something to get his views back up.”

Others, however, are totally convinced they’ve moved past the drama and are now ready to be friends.

“Somehow I think they were both going to the Super Bowl despite what’s going on between them but seeing this really gives me hope for their future!” a fan wrote.

Clearly, it’s too soon to tell what the status of their relationship is right now, but if you ask us, them getting back together isn’t completely out of the realm of possibility. We mean, remember when Jake tried to FaceTime Erika on New Year’s Eve and got totally rejected? For whatever reason, he really wanted to talk to her, and although she didn’t give him the time of day back then, perhaps she’s ready to make amends now.

Plus, it doesn’t seem like the 26-year-old influencer has completely moved on either. Back in December, Erika released a song called “Dynamite,” and although she explained that she wrote it back when they were together and happy, some of the lyrics are just too romantic for us to actually believe the relationship is over for good.

Again, all we can do at this point is speculate, and while we don’t have any confirmation at the moment that these two are back together, it’s obvious that they’re at least on good terms. NGL, we stan a pair of friendly exes!


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