It’s official, Jeffree Star is saying goodbye to his pink mansion once and for all. Yep, according to Variety, the beauty vlogger officially put his “Barbie Dream House” on the market for $3.595 million.

As fans of the YouTube star know, this mansion has been the background for most of his videos over the past four years, and even included his aptly named pink vault, which held the 34-year-old’s entire collection of designer purses, shoes and sunglasses. Aside from the major closet, the house also included six bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

Jeffree Star Vault Tour

Before moving into his brand new, $14 million home in December 2019, Jeffree gave fans a look at the empty pink house — which, yes, is literally painted pink from top to bottom. From the two-story foyer to the giant kitchen to the beauty room, the internet star made sure to give viewers a look at every inch of the house before leaving it for the last time.

Why did Jeffree decide to move out in the first place, you ask? Well, according to his new house tour video, which was also uploaded in December 2019, he told fans that the “Barbie Dream House” no longer had enough space for him.

“I had no room to put anything,” he explained at the time. “With two dogs passing this year, we were ready for a change. When I saw this place online, my head was like ‘Oh my God, this is a dream.’”

For those who missed it, his new home has eight bedrooms, 13 bathrooms and is complete with an all glass elevator. But that’s not all! There’s also a “Beauty Barn” in the backyard, where Jeffree plans to create a “Full hair salon” with “shampoo bowls, nail station, makeup, everything.”

At the time, he planned to live in the Hidden Hills, CA, house with ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt, but the two split in January — a month after the new house tour officially hit the web.

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