Just call JoJo Siwa a movie star! The 18-year-old singing and dancing sensation is gearing up to star in the new Paramount+ movie The J Team, which premieres on Friday, September 3.

“It’s like the calm before the storm. So, I kind of just get really calm and then I just like — boom. It’s time to shine,” JoJo tells J-14 exclusively about her bubbly personality, which shows through in the upbeat and colorful filmThe J Team tells the story of a teen dancer named JoJo, whose life changes dramatically after her new dance teacher, Poppy (played by Tisha Campbell), takes away everything that makes her unique.

While JoJo is playing a dramatized version of herself in the movie, the “D.R.E.A.M.” songstress tells J-14 that there are not that many differences between her real-life personality and who she is on screen.

“There is no such thing as JoJo’s character. There is no character. I am literally JoJo,” the Dance Moms alum explains. “I’m a human like every other human in the world. However, I think for so many years, people have seen me in this one look. I think that when I take that look away, people are like, ‘Oh my God, she changed! Total different human!’ But it’s actually the opposite. I’m the exact same. I just looked different. I still talk the same. I still dress the same. I just don’t do my hair the same every day.”

When it came to actually filming the movie, in which JoJo also had an executive producer role, she says that every day was full of the “biggest, most fun” moments. JoJo’s costars Kerrynton Jones, Kiara T. Romero and Julia Marley said the same. The trio tells J-14 that they were constantly laughing while filming with Tisha, but also learned so much from working alongside JoJo.

“I think one thing that I learned from JoJo is that it’s just important to talk to everyone. … And just learn about what everyone does on the set,” Kerrynton shares. Kiara explains that the “Kid in a Candy Store” musician always kept “good energy,” even during the “super long days.”

“She was always positive and she never complained,” the young star adds. “She was able to still joke around and, like Kerrynton said, she really treated everyone on set like they were of equal importance and made everyone feel special, no matter what their job was.”

Julia also praises her costar noting that JoJo “not only has big dreams and believes in herself, but she makes it happen.”

When it comes to being an inspiration for young people, JoJo tells J-14 that it’s a “really special” feeling.

“I know a lot of people aren’t in my position, and to get to have an influence on the world and to know that my influence is genuine and is positive, to know that so many people are listening makes my heart so happy,” she shares.

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