Get ready, ’90s kids! All That is coming back to Nickelodeon, and the Jonas Brothers are set to appear on the premiere episode. No, seriously!

In case you missed the memo, All That is being rebooted, and clearly, Nickelodeon has huge plans for what’s to come. So huge, in fact, that they’ve recruited the “Sucker” singers to appear in the first episode of the reboot. Don’t believe us? Well, maybe you’ll believe the JoBros because they confirmed it themselves on Tuesday, May 14.

“Ready yet? Get set… we’re on the premiere of the all new #AllThat on June 15th!” they tweeted from their band account along with a short clip.

In the brief teaser they posted, the brothers are seen chatting about how stoked they are to be making an appearance on the show. Then, they get interrupted by one of the most iconic characters from the series, like, ever.

That’s right! Kel Mitchell from the unforgettable Good Burger sketch appeared as Ed the cashier, and we seriously can’t stop laughing. Not only does it bring back so many childhood memories, but seeing Kel with our favorite brothers is almost too much nostalgia for us to handle.

So what can we expect from the premiere episode of All That? Of course, there will be a stellar performance of the Jonas Brothers’ hit single “Sucker,” which we simply can’t want for. Aside from that, it’ll feature some of the OG stars of the show, such as Kel, Kenan ThompsonLori Beth Denberg and Josh Server.

Sadly, it doesn’t sound like the original cast will be sticking around for long, though. The network has hired a whole new cast for the revival, and the first episode will show Kenan, Kel, Lori Beth and Josh giving advice to the show’s newest members. But don’t worry — even though the OG cast won’t be on the show regularly, they’ll still show up for some epic cameos here and there.

Excited for All That to come back? SAME. But we just have one burning question: Can the Jonas Brothers make cameos in several episodes? C’mon, Nickelodeon! Make our dreams come true.

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