Even before she was Betty Cooper on Riverdale, actress Lili Reinhart was a total fashionista. Now that she’s walked tons of red carpets, the blonde beauty’s personal style has totally transformed.

“It’s kind of like when you finally find the right fit. You’re like, ‘Damn, I’m excited’,” she told WhoWhatWear in October 2018. “I have definitely formed or am on my way to forming my style.”

Before nabbing her role on The CW series, Lili was an Ohio native who wanted to become an actress. Once she achieved that goal, the world was totally her oyster, especially when it came to focusing on herself. While fans may not think of Lili as a fashion icon per se, she has come a long way in all aspects of her career. Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the actress told DeJour magazine in June 2021 issue that she had been on a “large self-discovery journey.”

“I think I had too much time on my hands. I’m single, so I’m very zeroed in on me right now,” she shared at the time. “I was really being hard on myself for not working out a certain way or eating a certain way. And I just had to say, ‘It’s a f–king pandemic. I need to give myself a f–king break. I am doing just fine. I need to cut myself some slack.’”

The Chemical Hearts star had been open about her body image since stepping into the spotlight.

“I’m never going to have abs,” Lili told DeJour. “Abs are made in the kitchen, and I had Dairy Queen and chicken parm last night. And that’s OK. I’m learning to accept that in myself. I’m not a fitness model. I’m never going to be able to maintain that. I’m not going to not eat the ice cream.”

That being said, she has leaned into the styles that look good on her and said goodbye to those that don’t

“I refused to wear the hip-hugger jeans. … It truly mortifies me that I wore those. Obviously, I wore them in middle school,” Lili told Coveteur in September 2019, referring to her role in the movie Hustlers, which was set in the early 2000s. “I don’t wear bodycon dresses ever. So, no. I really don’t think I would want to wear anything that I wore in that movie in my life.”

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