Saying goodbye to some favorites. Netflix has released some major hits over the years, but a few TV shows got the boot after only one season.

Much to fans’ dismay, it was revealed in December 2021 that Julie and the Phantoms would not be returning for more. The show, executive produced by Kenny Ortega, premiered in September 2020 and starred Madison Reyes (Julie), Owen Joyner (Alex), Charlie Gillespie (Luke), Jeremy Shada (Reggie) and Jadah Marie (Flynn), among others. It followed the story of a teen girl, Julie, who meets the ghost of three musicians from 1995 just as she starts to lose her passion for music.

“Our @julieandthephantoms family want to send our love and endless thanks to our Fantoms all over the world for the tremendous outpouring of love and support you have shown us since our premiere,” Kenny shared via Instagram when announcing the cancellation news. “We learned this week that Netflix will not be picking us up for another season. Although our hearts are saddened, we move on with such pride for what we accomplished as a team and the family we built while creating Julie. We hope you will continue to follow us as we move forward with our work and careers. Happy Holidays to you all. Wishing you good health, love and #perfectharmony in all you pursue!”

Before it was revealed that the show wouldn’t be picked up for a second season, Jeremy spoke with J-14 exclusively in October 2021, saying that he and the cast were “all hoping to do more.”

The singer added, “It’s, kind of, at a point right now where we’re just waiting on an official green light from the higher ups that be at Netflix. But everybody’s pretty much locked in and ready to go on it in terms of talent and crew. … Granted, I gotta be careful. I don’t want that to get everyone’s hopes up and then something doesn’t happen.”

Although Julie and the Phantoms is over, fans are still holding out hope for a miracle. Some have started petitions and various social media campaigns pleading for a season 2. But, of course, this wasn’t the only show that said goodbye to the streaming service after only one batch of episodes. I Am Not Okay With This co-creator Jonathan Entwistle gave insight into the show’s cancellation during an interview with Insider in October 2020.

“Many of the questions that we posed in the first season were mapped out for a second season,” he explained, noting that there were already “many unknowns” before the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. “When they commissioned season two and they greenlit us into the writers room, they told us it was to be the final season. So we were writing to a finale that we’d already planned.”

The show runner continued, in part, saying, “We were shocked when it happened.”

Scroll through our gallery to see which other Netflix teen shows only got one season on the streaming service. 

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