After over a month-long hiatus, Season 3 of Riverdale is back in action, and now, Charles Melton is opening up about the steamy kiss between Reggie and Veronica at the end of the midseason premiere.

As we already know, the 28-year-old is dating Camila Mendes IRL, but on-screen we’ve become so used to shipping Varchie that a Veggie romance has been totally off our radar. However, now that it’s actually happening, the actor admitted that he had a feeling it was coming since Season 2.

“It was something [I] anticipated through doing my research and reading the comics, and seeing there was a lot of back-and-forth and a lot of different relationships between the core four and Reggie,” he told EW. “I kind of anticipated it, even in season 2. I found out before we started filming season 3 that there was going to be some sort of relationship between Reggie and Veronica.”

Reggie Veronica
The CW

If you thought Veggie would start and end with that kiss, though, think again. Why? Because Charles also told the outlet that fans will definitely see Reggie and Veronica’s relationship blossom even more.

“You’ll definitely see this relationship grow,” he said. “Not only will you see this relationship grow, but you’ll see their working relationship and how that all ties into everything.… I think fans are going to be excited to see the evolution of this new relationship.”

Not so fast, Melton. Even if there are a bunch of Veggie shippers out there, LBR, there are loads more people who are still rooting for Archie and Veronica, so changing their minds will be really hard. Still, the actor remains hopeful that he can get fans in Veggie’s corner.

“Hopefully we can turn some Varchie fans into Veggie fans after they see the kiss and really see how much Reggie cares about Veronica,” he said.

While we remain skeptical about how things will play out now that Veggie is legit, Charles surprisingly revealed that he thinks Archie will be cool about their romance. For the record, we’re not so sure we agree.

When ET asked how he thought Archie would react, Charles said, “Personally, as Charles Melton, as myself, I think when It comes down to it, Archie will support one of his best guy friends, but I think he’s got a lot going on right now. I think he doesn’t have too much time to think about it.” Hmm, we’ll see about that!


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