From the looks of it, Tayler Holder has his sights set on a new lady! Yep, the TikTok star recently asked Vanessa Hudgens on a date, and fans are kind of here for it.

It all started after Tayler, alongside his BFFs Kellianne Stankus and Nate Wyatt followed a recent trend on the app and made a video of themselves singing along to the High School Musical song “Gotta Go My Own Way.” The former Disney Channel star then dueted the clip and reacted to their video by laughing.

@vanessahudgens##duet with @keliannestankus♬ original sound – kylieshapiro

Once the Hype House member caught wind of Vanessa’s reply, he made his move.

“So, when are you [gonna] stop playing and let me take you on a date?” Tayler commented. The entire situation then escalated when James Charles responded to the comment with, “BRUH.”

TikTok Star Tayler Holder Asks Vanessa Hudgens Out On A Date And Fans Are Shook

Vanessa has yet to publicly respond to the influencer’s proposition for a date, but we’re down to see them go out for a (safe and masked) night on the town!

As fans know, Tayler’s newfound love interest came just after he took to Twitter on July 10 and confirmed that he was single following a brief romance with Sommer Ray.

“I hate the fact of how I have to address my [personal] life on the internet. And tell everyone my every movement, but I am single. And I am [allowed] to have friends,” the 22-year-old wrote.

For those who missed it, speculation started spreading that the influencers had entered into a relationship after they posted some flirty videos and pics together on social media in June. Then, Bryce Hall seemingly gave fans the the confirmation they were waiting for during a TikTok Live!

But things must have turned sour, because on June 11, 2020, fans noticed that they had unfollowed each other on Instagram. But rumors started swirling that these two were back together after a video of them hanging out hit the web days later. The influencers were spotted side by side, and fans were pretty confused about the entire thing. Now, it looks like they might be over for good.

Here’s to hoping things work out with him and Vanessa!

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