Coming from a famous family! Pauline Chalamet is the hilarious breakout star of the HBO Max series Sex Lives of College Girls, but her name has actually been in the spotlight for a while.

Yes, she’s related to the Oscar-nominated Call Me By Your Name star Timothée Chalamet, but the actress has a pretty full resume herself. Aside from the HBO series that’s making major headlines, she appeared in the 2020 flick The King of Staten Island and has tons of roles on the horizon.

“I grew up in New York. It was anything but sheltered,” she told Vanity Fair during a November 2021 interview, noting that the arts were “in my family.” That being said, there was a time in Pauline’s life where she wanted nothing to do with acting.

“By the time I graduated from high school, though, I was in a bit of a rebellious phase toward everything I had known growing up,” she told the publication. “I was hell-bent on becoming a lawyer.”

After college and a few years where she admittedly “didn’t really know what I was going to be doing,” Pauline found herself back in the movie and TV world. “I did a big old loop de loop [back to] right where I started, but I think it was ultimately incredibly beneficial

because then I was so sure of what I wanted to be doing,” the New York native told Vanity Fair.

Through her HBO Max series, which premiered in November 2021, Pauline told NYLON that her role as Kimberly is giving her “a do-over” of her own college experience.

“Kimberly is very strong. She’s the quirky friend, but she’s also a total badass. I was not like that,” the star explained, recalling her time at Bard College. “I became a really good student at Bard and I fell in love with learning.”

Immediately upon graduating, Pauline moved to Paris where her acting journey began. While she still primarily lives in France, the actress decided to figure out what she really wanted for her career.

“The advice I was getting was, basically, ‘Paris is great and you can live there, but if you’re interested in things going faster, you have to come to the U.S.,’” she told NYLON. “I had to make a deal with myself. I was like, ‘OK, you want to be living here, but what do you want more?’”

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