J-14 Video: Ed Sheeran Performs "Little Things" Live in Paris


There's not much that could make One Direction's song "Little Things" better -- it's already one of the sweetest, heartfelt songs out there! But while in Paris on tour, the track's writer (and 1D BFF!) Ed Sheeran decided to do his own rendition of the track he wrote when he was 17!

The crowd went absolutely nuts when Ed played the first few chords of "Little Things" -- and he even had to ask them to quiet down so he could finish the song! "It was written about the best things about someone, kind of like the things you wouldn't expect," Ed says of the super-sweet ballad.

Watch Ed perform "Little Things" live below:

Whose version do you like better: One Direction's or Ed Sheeran's?

Photos Courtesy of Columbia Records; Atlantic Records

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