He’a back and better than ever! Who remembers when Alex LaBeouf, also known as Alex Lee and Alex From Target, rose to social media fame back in early 2014? For those who forgot, it all started when a teen shopper in Texas snapped a photo of a hot boy working at the checkout counter in Target. Yes, that cashier cutie was Alex, and he legitimately became a Twitter sensation overnight.

“This has definitely changed my life in big ways,” Alex told Extra in November 2014. “I don’t know what’s coming next. I have so many things I can do with this.”

The snapshot of him at work quickly took the internet by storm. He even made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and drew comparisons to Justin Bieber.

“It feels pretty great … that I’m considered like [Justin Bieber],” Alex also told Extra in the same interview. “[My friends and family] really think this is a great thing for me. They are really helping me through this and pushing me towards the right direction.”

Following his newfound fame, the internet star told the publication that he didn’t return to work after the photo went viral.

“I haven’t been at work since then, so I don’t know what they’re going to say whenever I come back,” Alex shared at the time.

Alex then went on to visit talk shows around the country, and it’s safe to say he had a pretty successful bout of fame.

“I left work early because people we starting to come in to take pictures and stuff. That got kind of weird,” Alex also told J-14 exclusively in January 2018 and looked back at his internet fame. “I was like ‘What does this mean? Is this gonna change my life?’ The moment I realized it was actually going to change everything was the moment Ellen [DeGeneres] called.”

He added, “The beginning was wonderful. The first few months was amazing. I was going on tour. I made a ton of friends. I was going on the news all the time. It was just really fun. Then, all the business aspects kind of ruined it for me.”

But what happened to him after that and what is he up to now? It turns out, the social media star has accomplished a lot since the photo of him first circulated the web! Scroll through our gallery to find out what Alex From Target is up to now.

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