When it comes down to it, we all have our insecurities, and YouTube star David Dobrik is no exception. The internet personality hasn’t always been 100 percent confident in himself, and the thing he struggled with most growing up is actually very relatable. So what was it that made David the most insecure? … Public speaking.

Yup! The YouTuber spoke to J-14 all about how terrible he used to be at giving presentations, which is interesting considering his videos get viewed by millions of people every day.

“I used to be horrible at class presentations,” the 22-year-old said. “I would have no problem shouting something out in the middle of class and being obnoxious, but when it came down to standing in front of the class and presenting something or talking about a project, I’d be so sweaty, I’d be shaking, my voice would be gone [and] I’d be so nervous.”

Eventually, the Vlog Squad founder got better at public speaking, which he credits to the tour he did for his podcast, VIEWS Live, with Jason Nash.

“I think over time — especially because we did a tour for our podcast where we did a couple of cities — I think I’ve gotten more confident about that and I really like that. I like working on the whole stage thing and being in front of people. I think that’s important.”

But even though he’s overcome this insecurity in many ways, he actually thinks there are a lot of YouTube stars who struggle with the same thing. Why? Because for the most part, many of them started off as introverted teenagers who felt most comfortable speaking into their camera in the comfort of their own homes.

“When you act, you’re acting in front of a bunch of people, but when you’re posting videos online, it’s literally just you in your house,” he said. “So you can be that introverted person and still make videos. It’s a different form of being an entertainer. … I was definitely really outgoing, but when it came to presenting stuff and being serious — oh my God — it was the worst.”

How interesting!

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