Choosing a career can be hard — especially when all you’re trying to do is make your family proud. Well, YouTube star David Dobrik is the first person to admit that his parents didn’t really understand the whole YouTube thing at first. Don’t worry, though — they came around eventually.

“I started on Vine when I first started,” David explained to J-14. “My parents were pretty confused about it. They definitely weren’t like, ‘Don’t do it,’ but they also were definitely parents like, ‘you have to go to college.’ So they didn’t really understand what the whole concept was and what it could possibly turn into.”

But despite not understanding the YouTube space, his parents were super supportive.

“They didn’t understand the ecosystem or anything, and I think they’re really coming around to it now. But my dad would always say, ‘Do whatever you want. Work at a post office, be a garbage man, but whatever you do, do it to the best of your abilities,’ and I think that’s kind of what I took from him, and I’m trying my best here on YouTube.”

Even though his parents didn’t quite understand how someone could make a career out of creating videos for the internet, David saw the growth potential from the minute he started out on Vine. And while he couldn’t quite pin down how long he’d be doing this for back then, it’s grown into something bigger than he could’ve ever imagined.

Of course, this begs the question: What will David do next? At the moment, he hopes to still be making videos five years down the line, but he has some other goals in mind as well.

“Hopefully I’m still doing this thing,” he shared. “Hopefully I’m still doing whatever I’m excited about. … In 10 years I’d love to do something with late night. Probably within the next five. I feel like I have to be a little bit older just so I have more experience.

As far as where he’ll be in a decade from now, it’s simply too soon to tell. Why? Well, for starters, the entertainment space is changing so much, so there’s no way to know where we’ll be that far into the future.

“I feel like what I’m going to do in 10 years isn’t a thing yet, so I can’t really put my finger on it,” David said. “… I think the entertainment is changing so much right now, especially with the rise of the internet, with Netflix and Hulu and all these streaming services becoming so much more popular than television itself that I don’t know where everything’s heading.”

He might not know where the entertainment world is going in the next decade, but he does know where the audience is right now — and that’s YouTube. Plus, YouTube stars like himself are finally getting the respect they deserve for creating amazing content, which is something he’s so grateful for.

“Every kid now in high school or middle school, they’re all watching YouTube,” he said. “It’s so easily accessible and most people have the internet. … I was talking to my high school teacher a couple months ago and he was telling me that he took a poll in class of what students wanted to be, and 60 percent of them answered YouTuber, which is actually unreal. I think the internet just makes it a lot easier to consume content and I think people are giving more respect to the people that are on it, which I think is really important.”

As you can tell, David has a lot to look forward to and a ton to be excited about. Sure, he’s already accomplished so much, but since the entertainment space is constantly evolving and the audience is always changing, there’s no telling what exciting things are coming next. Plus, he has a few bucket list items he’s dying to get to as well.

“My biggest thing is I really want to be able to travel and make videos,” he told us. “I feel like once I leave the country there are so many new things that open up. … I’d love to visit Slovakia, where I was born, with all my friends because I feel like they can just tear my family apart there and I think that would be hilarious. … I want to see the world.”

We don’t know about you, but we’d love if the Vlog Squad went international! Until then, we’ll continue watching all of his vids because, let’s be real: They never get old.

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