She’s officially a TikTok star! Selena Gomez has been showing off her comedic side with more frequent uploads to the video-sharing app. One in particular, shared on Tuesday, July 20, stood out to fans because the actress was mouthing along to audio about “red flags” in a relationship.

“So, you’re telling me that you can read his astrological birth chart, but you can’t read the red flags? Sis,” Selena mouthed while looking at the camera and sipping soda through a straw. At the end of the video, the former Disney Channel star, 28, appeared to hold back a smile.



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Immediately upon posting, the TikTok comments section was flooded with fans wondering if Selena was shading her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber with the video.

“SIS you are the queen of ignoring red flags,” one TikTok user wrote. Another added, “Bestie, his name started with a J.”

A third referred to a line in her song, “Lose You to Love Me.” They commented, “Sis didn’t u write, ‘I saw the signs and I ignored it?'”

Others appeared to reference the 27-year-old Canada native’s astrological sign. “Bestie, he was literally a Pisces,” one fan shared. Another wrote, “He was a Pisces sis u didn’t read that either.”

One comment with over 4,000 “likes,” even read, “She really said, ‘Shade JB.'”

This isn’t the first time fans were convinced that Selena alluded to her past relationship. Earlier this year, when the Texas native released her first-ever Spanish-language single, “De Una Vez,” listeners were quick to speculate its meaning. While she never publicly discussed the song’s lyrics, some of her fans on social media were convinced that it was about her past romance.

Justin and Selena were in a public on and off relationship from 2010 to 2018. While the Wizards of Waverly Place alum has yet to introduce another boyfriend to fans, Justin went on to marry Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) in September 2018. Months after officially tying the knot, the “Yummy” crooner responded to a fan who claimed he was only with the 24-year-old model to “get back” at Selena.

“Why would I dedicate my whole life to someone in marriage to get back to my ex? Anyone who believes this is mean spirited or 10 years old or younger because a logical person doesn’t talk or think this way. You should be ashamed of yourself,” Justin declared in a comment, which he shared to Instagram Stories at the time. “I absolutely love and loved Selena, she will always hold a place in my heart, but I am head over [heels] in love with my wife and she is absolutely the best thing that has ever happened to me, period.”

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