Fans of the Sister Squad have been pairing Ethan Dolan and Emma Chamberlain together since the beginning of time. OK, fine — since she revealed her crush on the Dolan Twins in a YouTube video with Tana Mongeau back in May 2018. Regardless, it’s safe to say her friendship with the YouTuber has grown very strong over the time they’ve known each other. So strong, in fact, that they just can’t seem to stop those pesky dating rumors.

That’s right, you guys! Diehard fans of the YouTubers ship these two so hard, and it’s not hard to see why. We mean, there have been so many clues in the past that these two could be more than just friends, including those polaroid pics on her wall and that lie detector test where the 19-year-old revealed he was dating someone. Both tell-tale signs if you ask us!

Evidence aside, people have been freaking out over Ethma on social media for what feels like centuries, and TBH, some of the tweets about their rumored relationship are just too funny not to share.

Scroll through the gallery for some of our all-time favorite Ethma reactions.

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