The former One Direction boys have publicly reflected on their days as part of the boyband since going on hiatus in 2015.

Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik were put together on the X Factor in 2010, and went on to become the world’s biggest boyband. While they had some ups and downs over the years, all five members have remembered their time in the group pretty positively.

“I think the typical thing is to come out of a band like that and almost feel like you have to apologize for being in it,” Harry, for one, told Vogue in November 2020. “But I loved my time in it. It was all new to me, and I was trying to learn as much as I could. I wanted to soak it in … I think that’s probably why I like traveling now — soaking stuff up.”

While the other boys have echoed his sentiments in various interviews, some of them have gotten more honest about dealing with the die-hard fans and the dark parts of fame.

“I struggled with the idea of, ‘Why won’t you just let us out?'” Niall recalled during a March 2021 appearance on the “People, Just People” podcast, noting that fans would be “banging on car windows.”

He continued, “But, you can’t get inside the brain of a fan, and now I completely get it, but at the time, you’re like, ‘You’re our age. Just let us out.'”

While Niall’s issues came with the constant barrage of fans following them from city to city, Liam, on the other hand, said he hit “rock bottom” during his 1D days while coping with the pressure of being famous.

“At a certain point, I just thought ‘Well, I’m going to have a party for one,’ and that just seemed to carry on throughout many years of my life. And then you look back at how long you’ve been drinking and it’s ‘Jesus Christ, that’s a long time,’ even for someone who was as young as I was,” he said on “The Diary of a CEO” podcast in June 2021. “It was wild, but it was the only way you could get the frustration out in the day.”

Over the years, the “Strip That Down” singer has been vocal about his alcohol and mental health struggles. “I went into therapy a couple years after [the band ended]. I kind of went off the rails a little bit and just couldn’t really figure out what was making me sad,” Liam told British GQ in November 2019. “It was just such a strange course through life, and then when the switch turns off you’re left to your own devices. I was drinking too much and getting into really bad, bad situations for quite some time actually.”

Although he went through some difficult times in the past, Liam has so much love for the group. In fact, he’s pushing for 1D to get back together for a potential reunion. “I think we just need a proper catch up actually,” he explained while chatting with CapitalFM in December 2020. “It was nice to catch up for the 10-year anniversary. I’m hoping we’ve got a lot more to come from us.”

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