Get ready, guys, because according to Mädchen Amick — otherwise known as Alice Cooper — Riverdale‘s Season 4 finale is about to serve up one major cliffhanger, and we are so here for it! As fans know, the show was forced to shut down production on the fourth season due to the current coronavirus pandemic, so the new episode airing on Wednesday, May 6, will act as a makeshift season finale until the show can start filming Season 5.

Now, thanks to the 49-year-old actress — who also directed the episode — fans have a first look at what to expect as the season comes to its official end. According to TVGuide, this installment is titled “Killing Mr. Honey,” and is set to “follow a revenge fantasy Jughead has for Mr. Honey that he’s submitting as a story to the University of Iowa. The undoubtedly gruesome tale will detail how the new principal has ruined senior year for the core four and all of their friends.” Mädchen revealed exclusively to the outlet that “it just happened to serve as a really good cliffhanger and a season finale.”

What will fans think of the cliffhanger? Well, Mädchen joked that “they’re used to it at this point.”

Riverdale always ends with a big cliffhanger. When you leave the audience with ‘Is Jughead dead?’ as a cliffhanger, there are no boundaries to [creator] Roberto [Aguirre-Sacasa’s] mind,” she said. Then, she got real about costars Skeet Ulrich and Marisol Nichols leaving the show, saying, “I’m really kind of the last parent standing from Season 1. So yeah, it’s bittersweet… I’m gonna miss Skeet, I’m gonna miss Marisol. I know Roberto really adores both of them.”

She added, “[Riverdale is] a big world, and he loves revisiting characters and storylines, so I don’t think it’s going to be the last we see of their characters.”

As fans know, Mädchen isn’t the only cast member who dished on the finale recently. During a recent interview with E! News, Camila Mendes spilled some major tea, too!

“I’m curious to see [how fans react] because obviously we weren’t expecting to end it where it ended. And we shot one more episode after it, but we never finished it so we couldn’t put that one out. That one actually had a really big twist as well that I think audiences would have really loved,” she explained. “This one kind of has like two stories happening in the same episode. It’s kind of like a fictional story and a real story — two different versions of the story. I think that’s something audiences are really going to enjoy.”

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