He may wonder about love, but one thing Shawn Mendes knows something about is being famous! Following his quick rise to the spotlight after gaining followers on the now-defunct Vine app, the Canadian crooner started releasing bop after bop which led to four studio albums and subsequent headlining tours at a young age. Due to his status as an A-lister, Shawn has spoken publicly about how living in the public eye has influenced his music.

Following the release of his collaboration with Justin Bieber, titled “Monster,” Shawn spoke about writing the single when going through a rough patch. “I was actually feeling a lot of [pressure about] who I was in a relationship with and [people] wanting to push me into this box,” he recalled while chatting with Entertainment Tonight in December 2020, noting that he had written the song years prior.

“Three years later, I actually listen back to it and it makes me think of every single person who has Instagram or Twitter and every single person who is checking their Instagram every five minutes to see if people approve of the last thing they posted,” Shawn also told ET. “It’s tough, because there is this [societal] pressure that everyone has and is putting on each other, and something that is so true and I don’t think is talked about enough is that the human condition is messy.”

While Shawn has had tons of famous mentors over the years, Liam Payne went out of his way in 2018 to ensure that the “In My Blood” singer was coping with his level of fame.

“With the way this lifestyle is, we don’t help each other and there’s just not much point to it,” Liam shared on MTV’s TRL at the time. “I went and saw Shawn Mendes recently when I was at an awards show. I think he’s doing fantastic, but I could hear the slightest bit of sorrow in a recent song he wrote, and I wanted to make sure he was all good.”

The former One Direction member noted that Shawn was “incredible” but “wanted to offer, ‘If you ever have a problem or something’s going on, call me and we can have a chat about it.’”

“He’s got his head screwed on and he’s gone about it the right way,” Liam added when discussing the fellow musician. “Now [that] he’s known all over the world, it’s a bit of a transformation.”

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