After four seasons, Netflix viewers said goodbye to 13 Reasons Why in June 2020. The show, based on the book by Jay Asher, premiered on the streaming service in 2017 and followed the story of a high school student named Hannah Baker who left behind a series of tapes explaining why she took her own life.

Following the show’s series finale, producer Selena Gomez opened up about why helping to get the show made was an integral moment in her career. “Whether uncomfortable or not, viewed as inappropriate or not, it has created conversation,” the Disney Channel alum told Allure in September 2020. “And I feel like it was important for me to do.”

Throughout 13RW‘s four years of releasing new episodes, it took on an air of mystery as fans tried to figure out the truth alongside main character Clay Jensen, played by Dylan Minnette. “It’s been one of my greatest honors to tell his story from front to back, all the highs and extreme lows, and to end it on a note of optimism and hope,” the actor shared on Instagram in July 2020. “There IS always hope, and so much life to look forward to. I think that’s the simplest way of putting the overall message of 13RW into one short sentence.”

Similarly, Brandon Flynn (who played Justin Foley) got real about the show’s end during an interview with WWD that same month. The Netflix star reflected on booking his starring role right out of college and where he wants his career to go in the future.

“When I started 13 [Reasons Why] I had no idea what this job looked like. It’s such an interesting thing when you start working and the work involves your passion or your craft,” Brandon explained. “I’m not Justin anymore. I’m not involved in the industry right now in terms of prepping for a role. I’m just Brandon.”

Just like the rest of his costars, Brandon has found his footing in Hollywood and nabbed some pretty major roles since 13 Reasons Why. Although fans are able to see their favorite cast members — including Katherine LangfordTimothy GranaderosRoss ButlerDevin DruidMiles HeizerJustin Prentice and more — in other TV shows and movies, viewers still want to know why they had to say goodbye to Hannah, Clay and the rest of Liberty High’s students.

Scroll through our gallery for a full breakdown of why 13 Reasons Why came to an end when it did. 

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