Every throwback Nickelodeon show had a cute love interest that made viewers swoon! But now, they’re all grown up.

True Jackson, VP, for example, had Jimmy Madigan (played by Robbie Amell), who was the title character’s eventual boyfriend. Teenage fashion mogul True Jackson (played by Keke Palmer) had a huge crush on Jimmy throughout the series until the pair finally shared a sweet smooch. Before the characters got together on the show, Jimmy went on a date with another girl, which led True to reveal her real feelings.

“Go and get your man,” Keke said while re-watching her and Robbie’s kissing scene during a July 2020 interview with Cosmopolitan. “Oh my gosh, that was just so sweet.”

While reflecting on the on-screen kiss, the Jump In! actress called it a “good experience.” She added, “It’s always weird because either you’re too much of friends with somebody or you actually do have a crush on somebody. It’s never — too many people are watching and it’s never real. It’s all just part of a gag, so it’s awkward.”

But with Robbie, there was no weirdness.

“I remember feeling sweet about this [kiss] because I had known Robbie for some years now,” Keke also told Cosmo. “By the time we did this episode, so, I mean it was just a sweet, nice thing with somebody that I considered a close friend.”


The DUFF actor, for his part, chatted about his character during an interview with Entertainment Tonight in April 2020. Robbie remembered Jimmy as “always a little bit of a mess” on the show before diving into where he would be now.

“I feel like things aren’t probably going to be stellar for him but, with that being said, maybe it’s the opposite. You know, maybe things are just really great for Jimmy now. I feel like he’s the type of guy who would, like, accidentally win the lottery or something,” the actor joked, noting that a possible True Jackson, VP reboot could explore True and Jimmy’s relationship now.

“And I feel like you either go one of two ways, either [Jimmy and True are] still together or they find each other again in the show, which I think either one would kind of be interesting and cool,” Robbie told ET. “But I think there has to be that romance there still because it wasn’t over on the show.”

Of course, True Jackson, VP wasn’t the only Nickelodeon show with a cute love interest. Scroll through our gallery to see what all the former Nickelodeon boyfriends are up to now.  

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