Almost everyone grew up watching Nickelodeon shows like iCarly, Sam & Cat, Victorious, Big Time Rush, True Jackson, VP, The Thundermans and more — right?! Those series were a big part of all of our childhoods, so it’s only natural that we got pretty invested in the characters and their relationships!

Yep, just take Ned Bigby and Jennifer “Moze” Mosley from Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, for example. Everyone was striving to find a love like theirs! What about Jake Bahari and Addie Singer from Unfabulous? Their love story was everything! Oh, and let’s not forget Chase Matthews and Zoey Brooks’ romance from Zoey 101. Their relationship was seriously goals.

But wait, what are the actors who played our favorite boyfriends from all the throwback Nickelodeon shows doing now? We did some investigating, and boy, have they changed a lot! If you thought they were swoon-worthy back then, just wait until you see what they look like now! Scroll through our gallery to see what they all look like now.

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