How times flies! Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything premiered on Disney XD in July 2015, and the stars have come a long way since then.

For those who forgot, the show starred Cameron Boyce, Sophie Reynolds, Murray Wyatt Rundus and Felix Avitia. It followed a professional video game player who gets hurt and is forced to return to normal school. With the help of his friends, he tries to get back in video game world to win the World Gaming Pro Championship.

Following the show’s premiere, Sophie chatted with StarryMag and shared what drew her to the role. “When I got the script I was really excited about it. Going into the auditions, I remember loving the script and loving Ashley. I could really relate to her in a lot of ways and love playing her,” the actress said in 2016. “Ashley is this really fun, sweet girl with a big personality. She is an incredible video gamer and a really loyal friend. Ashley definitely has this feisty spirit that I love about her. She never backs down from a challenge and isn’t afraid to stand up for herself and her friends.”

Although the show came to an end after two seasons on January 2, 2017, Sophie explained what made it an iconic series. “The show has this fantasy element where the video games come to life and the same skills used to succeed in video games are used to solve life’s everyday problems,” she gushed at the time. “I think it’s so fun and good for the whole family because there is something for everyone.”


Of course, fans know that even after Gamer’s Guide aired its series finale, Sophie and her costar Cameron stayed close friends. They moved in together in May 2019, and following his death in July of that same year, she shared a heartfelt tribute on social media. “Maybe someday I’ll be able to put everything Cam was into words, but right now it just hurts a little too much,” she shared.

What are Sophie and the rest of the show’s the stars up to now? Well, J-14 decided to do some investigating, and it turns out, they’ve all accomplished so much since the show went off the air! Some of them went on to star in numerous TV shows and movies, while others stepped out of the spotlight completely. But either way, they’ve all come such a long way. Scroll through our gallery to see what the cast of Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything is up to now.

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