It’s easy to get blinded by love, but the harsh reality is that sometimes relationships just don’t work out. It’s hard enough to deal with a tough breakup, but imagine having a tattoo dedicated to your ex that constantly reminds you of the past? Now that would suck.

Just ask Justin Bieber! Did you guys know that the singer got an ink design of his ex Selena Gomez‘s face tattooed onto his arm while they were dating?! What about Zayn Malik? You may be shocked to learn that he had a portrait of his ex Perrie Edwards permanently inked onto his skin. Oh, and did we mention that Ariana Grande got more than seven tattoos dedicated to her ex Pete Davidson while they were together?! Talk about awkward.

While some stars decided to keep their couple body arts after they split, others decided to change them or have them covered up. Scroll through our gallery to uncover all the stars who got a tattoo dedicated to their significant other, but had to change it after they broke up.

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