Shelby Stivale


Senior Writer Shelby Stivale is a New Jersey girl at heart and loves all things TV. She often refers to herself as a reality star without the show and calls the Met Gala her Super Bowl. She’s commonly found wearing cheetah print, reading a young adult novel or bragging about being an avid One Direction fan since their 2010 debut.

Work or writing background leading to expertise

She joined the entertainment industry as a writer and reporter in the summer of 2017 when interning for <em>TigerBeat</em> Magazine. Since then, she’s gained experienced in both print and digital publications. She also had a brief stint in the public relations industry before realizing that her heart lies with being a writer.

Over the years, Shelby has interviewed celebrities such as <strong>Vanessa Hudgens</strong>, <strong>Charli</strong> and <strong>Dixie D’Amelio</strong>, among others.


Shelby has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Indiana University, where she graduated in 2018.

Work history

She’s worked as an intern and editor for <em>TigerBeat</em> magazine and had a brief stint at beauty public relations firm Behrman Communications before being hired at <em>J-14</em>. Since then, Shelby has become a senior writer for the website and her byline can also be found on <em>Life & Style, In Touch</em> and <em>Us Weekly</em>.