Remember As the Bell Rings? The Disney Channel short premiered on the network in August 2007 and gave some major stars their big break on the network.

Each episode was five-minutes-long and aired as a buffer between shows on the network. Fans quickly became used to seeing the six teens — Tony Oller (Danny Neilson), Demi Lovato (Charlotte Adams), Seth Ginsberg (Toejam James), Carlson Young (Tiffany Blake), Collin Cole (Skipper Adamson), Gabriela Rodriguez (Brooke Nichols) and Lindsey Rose Black (Lexi Adams)— interact on their screens. For two seasons, the stars got a chance to show off their comedy chops and singing skills in the time between each of their high school classes. Each episode ended with the bell ringing, signaling the start of their next class and the beginning of Disney Channel’s next show.

Fans know that this short-lived series served as Demi’s breakout role on the children’s network. They, of course, went on to star in the Camp Rock film series and Sonny With a Chance. During an interview with Apple Music‘s Zane Lowe in April 2021, they got real about growing up on the Disney Channel.

“I called it Disney High because my only peers were other people on the Disney Channel,” Demi recalled. “And it was like, it was weird. You know, we all dated each other. We all hung out together and we had feuds and it was weird. It was like high school, but ours was on a platform with social media that had never existed before.”

In May 2020, Demi also reflected on their Disney days, comparing them to high school.

“It was this really small group of kids that we really couldn’t relate to a lot of people, so we kind of stuck together,” they said during an appearance on the “In Bed with Nick and Megan” podcast. “We called it ‘Disney High’ because when there’s only a select few of you that can relate to one another, you start dating each other, you become friends with one another, you fall out with one another and then you break up with one another. … It’s just confusing and dramatic, and that’s ‘Disney High’ for you.”

What has Demi and the rest of the short show’s cast been up to since the show ended after two seasons in 2009? Well, some have gone on to have major careers in Hollywood while others stepped away from the spotlight completely. Scroll through our gallery to uncover what the cast of As the Bell Rings is up to now.

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