Going through a breakup is pretty tough because it usually goes along with the action of cutting the one person you've loved for so long completely out of your life.

However, when it comes to celebrity relationships, that isn't always the case. Hollywood is like an interconnected dating pool. Everyone has pretty much dated everyone else. Breakups and makeups are the norm. So, why not be friendly with your ex? To be honest, we imagine that it might be easier to be friends with your ex than to totally try and avoid them

Hollywood may seem big, but it's actually pretty small. The chances of a celeb running into their ex at an award show, at work or on a red carpet are super high.

So, we've found 15 former celebrity couples are who are the best of friends. We're talking things like they still kiss each other goodbye and go on vacations together! Yes…these are super friendly exes!

Click through the gallery and check out which celebrity ex-couples are still the best of friends!

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