Long live Dramageddon! James Charles and Tati Westbrook turned YouTube’s beauty community upside-down in May 2019 with the start of a major feud.

At the time, the Halo Beauty founder uploaded a scathing video, titled “Bye Sister,” in which she accused James of lying, manipulating and being a disrespectful person after he failed to promote her brand on social media. In the since-deleted video, Tati claimed that instead of sharing posts about her brand, he uploaded multiple Instagram Stories during Coachella in April of that year, which featured one of her brand’s biggest competitors.

“It is more than one thing,” the Internet personality said at the time. “It wasn’t specifically just about vitamins or about Halo. But it was just about being lied to and feeling disrespected. … He had nine days after Coachella to talk to me, he knows where I live — it’s not far from him — he could’ve come face to face and chatted with me because he knew that this would hurt me.”

Tati continued. “There’s so much going on with James Charles right now that I do not support, that I do not agree with. Fame, power and a fat bank account will change almost anyone. I don’t want to be friends with you. I don’t want to be associated with you. And I need to say that very publicly so that this chapter can just be closed.”

After some back-and-forth between the two — plus YouTube breaks from both content creators — the two have appeared to make amends. More than one year after the original video was posted, Tati shared a second YouTube video. This time, she apologized for her role in the drama and revealed that she had James have since forgiven each other. In that video, which has also since been deleted, Tati claimed that she was “used, coerced and manipulated” by Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star into her feud with James.

“We apologized to each other, forgave each other and agreed to wait patiently until it was safe for me to share my story,” Tati shared. “Since then, James Charles has repeatedly said he wants to be beside me for this video. But I felt it was important to do it alone because he deserves my first apology. I’m really sorry, James. And I’ve said that privately, but I want you to hear it publicly.”

While the drama between these YouTube personalities has since died down and everyone has appeared to move on, fans relived the feud during the November 2021 E! True Hollywood Story about Dramageddon. Scroll through our gallery for a full timeline of what went down between the internet stars. 

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